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Hotel Interciti (hereinafter as "Hotel") informs the purpose and method of the use and management of the visual information processed by the Company through this Management Policy on Visual Information Processing Equipment.

1. Basis and Purposes of Installing Visual Information Processing Equipment

  • The Company installs and operates visual information equipment (hereinafter as (“CCTVs”) pursuant to Article 25, Paragraph (1) of the Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”) for the following purposes:
    • Safety of facilities and prevention of fire;
    • Prevention of crime for customers’ safety; and

2. Quantities, Locations, and Shooting Ranges of CCTVs

Number of Installed CCTVs Locations of Installed CCTVs ,
and Scope of Taking Footages
40 1F, 2F, 5F to 16F
Front, Lobby, Reception, banquet hall, Room corridors
21 1F to B5 Car Park
4 annex 2F, annex B1, store, machine room

3. CCTV Manager and Access Mananger

To protect the recorded visual personal information and to facilitate visual personal information related requests, the Company nominates responsible contacts as below:

- Name Position Department Contact
CCTV Manager Jongo Park team leader management Team 042-600-6021
Access Manager Seungjin Yang deputy section chief management Team 042-600-6045

4. Recording Hours, Storage Period, Place for Storage, and Handling Methods of Visual Information

Recording Hours Storage Period Place for Storage
24 hours 30 days from the shooting date Emergency Room
  • Management of Visual Information: The Company records and manages the matters concerning the personal visual information used for purposes other than the originally designated purposes, provision to a third party, destruction and request for inspection, etc., and permanently destructs (in case of printouts, shreds or incinerates) such personal visual information in an irrecoverable manner upon expiry of the storage period.

5. Method of Verifying Personal Visual Information and Place of Verification

  • Method of verification: Prior to the verification, a written request form submitted to access manager is required. Once the request is granted, the requester, in accordance with the schedule arranged by access manager, can verify personal visual information upon his/her visiting to the Company.
  • Place of verification: management Team(Emergency Room)

6. Measures for Request for Inspection, etc. of Visual Information by Information Principal

If a customer intend to inspect, verify the existence of and delete personal visual information, he/she can make a request to the administrator of the CCTVs at any time, but within the extent of the personal visual information in which you were filmed as part thereof or that is required for the imminent danger to life, body and interests of property of the information principal. In addition, the Company has taken necessary measures without delay upon customer’s request to inspect, confirm the existence of and delete personal visual information.

7. Safety Measures of Visual Information

The Company manages visual information processed by the Company in a safe manner via encryption. In addition, the Company differentially grants the right to access personal information as a managerial measure in order to protect personal visual information. Furthermore, the Company records and manages the date of creation of the personal visual information as well as the purposes of inspection, the inspector, the date and time of inspection in order to prevent forgery or alteration of such information. Moreover, the Company installs locking devices for the purpose of storing the personal visual information in a physically safe manner.

8. Matters concerning Amendment to Privacy Policy

This Policy was enacted as of April 9, 2012. In the event this Policy is further supplemented, deleted and amended pursuant to the amendments to laws, policies or security technologies, the Company will notify the reasons and contents of the relevant changes via our website at least seven days prior to enforcement.

  • Date of announcement: April 9, 2012
  • Date of enforcement: April 9, 2012