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INTERCITI Customer Service


Interciti Hotels places prime importance on customer personal information, and complies with "the Personal Information Protection Act."

Interciti Hotels informs guests of means and purpose for which personal information provided have been used, and what measures we have taken to protect personal information according to out privacy policy.

Article 1. Scope and methods of collecting personal informat

  • 1. When you attempt to sign up for a Hotel Interciti membership, we collect your personal information as may be required to identify you and provide e-commerce services. The personal information to be collected by the Company is as follows:
    • Require : name, date of birth, gender, id, password, contacts(E-mail, Phone, Address)
    • Option : anniversary, fax, Company name, department, phone number, fax number
  • 2. When you are using online membership services, we may collect such information as your IP address, service-use history and billing information (i.e., credit card number, bank account number, gift card number, mobile-service payment authorization code, etc.), only for the purposes of making such services available and/or verifying your financial transactions.
  • 3. Method of information collection

    Hotel Interciti Wensite (www.hotelinterciti.com)

  • 4.Hotel Interciti's action when entering false information

    Members must ensure accuracy and legitimacy of their information. If you enter false information in a variety of ways, such as by stealing information from another person in violation of this policy, Hotel Interciti may notify you of the member in accordance with relevant laws and may be forced to withdraw.

Article 2. Personal information collection & use purposes

Hotel Interciti collects personal information to provide services, as follows:

Classification Items to be collected Purpose
Required full name, date of birth, gender To identify a member in accordance with the membership service, To send customers notices
address, phone number, E-mail -
Optional anniversary -
Company name, department, phone number, fax number To identify a member in accordance with the membership service, To send customers notices

Article 3. Personal information provision & sharing

Under no circumstances does Hotel Interciti use or provide personal information of members to third parties or any other company/agency beyond the scope notified in the 『purpose of collecting and using personal information』, except with members' consent or under relevant laws or regulations. We can provide personal information pursuant to relevant laws and regulations without members' consent if doing so is:

  • A. required by laws and regulations or by law enforcement agencies for the purpose of criminal investigation in accordance with the procedures and methods set forth in applicable laws and regulations
  • B. necessary for statistical data, academic research or market survey, in which case such information is provided in an unidentifiable processed format

Article 4. Personal information usage period & cancellation

  • 1. Interciti Hotels will dispose of members' personal information without delay once the purpose for collecting or receiving such information is achieved.
    • A. Information on membership entry (internal policy): Retain it for one year to provide customers with revisitation services after the cancellation of membership
    • B. Room stay information (internal policy): Retain it for two years to provide customers with re-visitation services.
    • C. Shipping information: When goods or services have been delivered or provided
    • D. If personal information is collected for a survey, event, etc.: When such surveys, events, etc. are finished
  • 2. Interciti Hotels retains such information for a certain period of time when it is necessary to do so for reasons of verifying the rights, obligations, etc. related to the following transactions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations including the Commercial Act:
    • A. Records of contracts, offer withdrawal, or the like: Five years
    • B. Records of payments and supply of goods, etc.: Five years
    • C. Records of the handling of consumer complaints or disputes: Three years
  • 3. Implementation of personal information expiration system

    Hotel Interciti retains the personal information of online members who have not used our services for one year or more, separately from other information, in accordance with Article 29(2) of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. and Article 16 of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act.(Effective as of August 18, 2015)

  • 4. Disposal methods
    • A. Personal information printed on paper: to be cut into pieces by a shredder or incinerated
    • B. Personal information stored in electronic files: to be deleted using a technical method that makes it impossible to regenerate it

Article 5. Methods of reading and correcting personal information, canceling membership, and withdrawing consent

  • 1. Members may read or correct their registered personal information or cancel the membership at any time.
    • A. Such request made through personal visit to Hotel Interciti or on landlines will be promptly addressed after membership authentication
      • E-mail : adonis@hotelinterciti.com
      • Phone : 042-600-6050
      • Fax : 042-600-6040
      • Address : 92, Oncheon Ro, Yuseong gu, Daejeon, Korea
  • 2.If members make a request for correcting an error in their personal information, such information will not be used or provided until such correction is finished. Also, if erroneous personal information was already provided to a third party,
  • 3.we will correct the error by immediately notifying the third party of modified information.

Article 6. Entrusting and handling of personal information

  • 1. Hotel Interciti entrusts personal information to third party service providers to render services, as follows, and has the necessary matters stipulated in an entrustment contract for safe management thereof in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
    • Computer systems maintenance : sanha information technology(1544-4172)
    • Website maintenance : plani(042-934-3508)
  • 2. Upon making an entrustment contract, Hotel Interciti sets forth clearly strict compliance with instructions related to privacy, prohibitions on personal information, responsibility for accidents, etc. and keeps the contents of such contracts in writing, for the safe protection of personal information. Where there is a change in third party service providers with which personal information is provided or shared with, Hotel Interciti discloses the name of the changed company on the screen of this Privacy Policy within the website.`

Article 7. Cookie operation & use

  • 1. Hotel Interciti runs "cookies" which stores and searches for members' information from time to time. Cookies are very small text files that are transmitted to members' browsers by the server used to operate the Interciti Hotels website and that are stored in their computer's hard disk.
  • 2. Hotel Interciti uses cookies for the following purposes:
    • A. To utilize them as an index of target marketing and service reshuffling by analyzing the access frequency, visit hours, etc. of members and non-members and grasping their preferences and interests
    • B. To keep track of the information on Hotel Interciti and the tracking of services that customers have browsed with interest and to provide customized services the next time they visit such services
    • C. To verify the extent of members' participation and visit times in various events hosted by Hotel Interciti , offer an differentiated opportunity for entry, and prepare material to provide distinguished information according to their individual interests
    • D. Members have the option for installing cookies. Therefore, members may allow all cookies, allow or block cookies individually whenever stored, or block the storage of all cookies, by using the settings option in the web browser.

Method for specifying whether to allow the installation of cookies [for Internet Explorer 9.0]

  • 1. On the [Tools] menu, select [Internet Options].
  • 2. Click the [Privacy tab].
  • 3. Setting the [Privacy level].

Members blocking the installation of cookies will lead Hotel Interciti to having difficulty in rendering the services.

Article 8. Personal information administrator

  • 1. Hotel Interciti appoints personal information administrators as follows to protect members' personal information, to collect their opinions, and handle complaints, about such information:
    Chief Privacy (or Personal Information)
    name : jongo Park
    department : management team
    position : team leader
    phone : 042-600-6021
    E-mail : pjo@hotelinterciti.com
    Staffer in charge of personal information
    name : gyeongyun Jo
    department : management team
    position : section chief
    phone : 042-600-6050
    E-mail : adonis@hotelinterciti.com
  • 2. Customers can contact the following organizations to make an further inquires about personal information. Privacy Violation Reporting Center
    Privacy Violation Reporting Center
    TEL : 118
    URL : http://www.118.or.kr
    Online Privacy Association
    TEL : 02-580-0533
    URL : http://www.eprivacy.or.kr
    Cyber Criminal Investigation Division at Supreme Prosecutors' Office
    TEL : 02-3480-2000
    National Police Agency Cyber Bureau
    TEL : 02-392-0330
    URL : http://www.ctrc.go.kr

Article 9. Technical/Institutional Management for Personal Information Protection

  • 1. Hotel Interciti implements the following technical countermeasures to keep members' personal information secure in handling their information, lest such information should be lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or compromised.
    • A. A user's personal information is protected with passwords, and important data is protected through a separate security measure in a manner that encodes files and transmitted data or uses a file locking function.
    • B. Hotel Interciti adopts the Secure Socket Layer that makes it possible to send personal information on our network safely by using an encryption algorithm.
    • C. To prevent a user's personal information from being leaked by hacking, etc., Hotel Interciti uses a double fire wall to block unauthorized external access, and monitors possible breaches around the clock by installing a 24 hour breach detection system in each server.
  • 2. Hotel Interciti minimizes the number of staff handling personal information, emphasizes the importance of compliance with this Policy through frequent education and training given to employees in charge, and takes immediate action against any related problem.
    • A. Hotel Interciti takes no responsibility for matters arising from members' mistakes or the basic risk intrinsic to the Internet. Each member must manage his/her personal information appropriately and be responsible for such management.
    • B. If personal information is lost, leaked, altered or compromised due to another internal administrator's mistake or an technical accident or incident, Hotel Interciti will immediately notify users of the fact, take proper measures against such accidents or incidents, and work out appropriate compensation.

Article 10. Protection of personal information of children under 14

1. In principle, Hotel Interciti does not collect any personal information from children under age 14. If it is necessary to collect personal information from children under age 14, Hotel Interciti will comply with applicable laws and public notifications.

Article 11. Commercial Information Transmission

  • 1. Hotel Interciti does not transmit commercial information for profit-making purposes against the clear intentions of customers who have opted out.
  • 2. For the transmission of commercial material including product guides for online marketing, Hotel Interciti takes measures to help customers discern the following matters in both the subject and the body of an email:
    • the subject line of the email: A phrase titled (advertisement) and the sender's name are indicated in the email subject.
    • the body of the email: The sender's name, email address, telephone and address are indicated there so that users can express their intentions to opt-out. Hotel Interciti specifies individual methods by which users can easily express their intentions to opt-out.

Article 12. Duty of Disclosure

This Privacy Policy was established on October 13, 2011, and any addition to, deletion of, and modification to the Policy made in accordance with changes to laws, regulations, policies or security technologies will be announced on the website of our main office.

  • Date of announcement : October 13, 2011
  • Date of enforcement : October 20, 2011