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Article 1. Scope and methods of collecting personal informat

  • When you attempt to sign up for a Hotel Interciti membership, we collect your personal information as may be required to identify you and provide e-commerce services. The personal information to be collected by the Company is as follows:
  • Require : name, date of birth, gender, id, password, contacts(E-mail, Phone, Address)
  • Option : anniversary, fax, Company name, department, phone number, fax number
  • When you are using online membership services, we may collect such information as your IP address, service-use history and billing information (i.e., credit card number, bank account number, gift card number, mobile-service payment authorization code, etc.), only for the purposes of making such services available and/or verifying your financial transactions.
  • Method of information collection

    Hotel Interciti Wensite (www.hotelinterciti.com)