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INTERCITI Facilities


Hotel Interciti Sauna is located in Yuseong,
a resting space with close proximity to life.


The hot spring sauna,
using 100% natural hot springs water

Be revitalized and relieve the stress of the body
and mind with the natural thermal water containing various minerals
and radium at Hotel Interciti in Yuseong,
which is a popular hot spring vacation spot.

  • Hot Spring Water Effects

    Yuseong hot spring contains approximately 60 types of components and is a high temperature boiling spring that sprouts according to the fault plane cracks in the granite, and is a simple radium spring where no harmful heavy metals were ever detected. It is effective not only for skin care but also for neuralgia, rheumatism, recovery, chronic addictions, woman's diseases, stomach disorders, and obesity.
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  • Basic Information

    Men’s Sauna:475㎡,, Women’s Sauna:442㎡
    Men’s hot spring sauna (Annex 3F), Women’s hot spring sauna (Annex 2F), Ticket booth
    No. of people
    Men’s Sauna:120, Women’s Sauna:100
    Warm water, Cold water, Thermal water, Finland sauna, Mist sauna
    Adults - 9,000(KRW) , Children (4-6 years old) - 4,500(KRW)
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Open : 06:00 ~ 21:30
Contact : 042-600-6140